Frequently Asked Questions

The process of painting is better left to experts as they can truly do it justice and provide exceptional results. At Andrade's Painting Service, each member of our team is a trained interior painter, and we are here to address queries and make hiring us a lot easier for potential clients. To learn more about us, customers can reach out to us, and we will be happy to help. Our services stand out across Austin, TX.

What are the benefits of painting interiors?

Painting interiors can not just make sure that the walls are protected but also make sure that the entire space is tied together by complimenting the decor. Opting to get custom interior painting is the ideal way to make sure that the property value goes up exponentially and that even old spaces look vibrant and as good as new. Experts can make sure that interior painting is done with ease as they have the necessary tools for the job; however, this process can be done by enthusiastic property owners.

How do you repair sheetrock?

In order to make sure that you are making adequate repairs, ensure that the right materials are sourced for the job. Once the location of the damage has been prepped, layer it with spackle and binding tape, and finally, cover it with more patching materials. The next step is to sand down the surface to get it even with the rest of the wall. To ensure that it is blended seamlessly, opting to hire a painting service is highly recommended.

Is exterior painting worth it?

Yes. Painting the exterior of your property will not just increase its curb appeal but will also the ideal way to make sure that the core building components are not exposed to the elements. This keeps them lasting for longer without any deterioration due to rogue weather. Getting affordable exterior house painting by professionals can ensure that the finishes provided are to the precise creative vision of the property owners.

Are you certified?

Yes. We, as a quality painting company, are skilled, trained, and certified. We have made sure that the work standards and attention to detail we bring to the table are second to none. This enables us to accommodate even challenging projects with ease. Being certified is a great value addition to our credibility on the open market as it helps new clients be more confident about relying on us for their requirements.

How experienced are you?

As professionals in the painting domain, we have been serving our community for the better part of three decades. Over the past 30 years, we have been hired to tackle numerous projects, each being more demanding and challenging than the last. We made sure that, irrespective of the difficulties, we provided our customers with superior-grade results. We have access to modern-era technologies that enable us to be more efficient. We also strive for excellence and evolve our painting techniques to be able to provide exceptional results overall.

As professionals, we are confident in our skills and are certain that after going through this page, most clients will come to the same conclusion as us. If any potential customers have some more queries on their mind that they would like addressed by our experts, we urge them to contact Andrade's Painting Service at (512) 939-0414. We have exceptional customer service and are looking forward to hearing from new clients. Our overall work ethic, skills, and professionalism are second to none across the entire Austin, TX area.